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Pill for 1080Ti stop working

Hello guys. I cant start mining with pill anymore. Could you please help me somehow? OC is working but I see that PILL does not adding to my rig.

I was using the Hive2 … I sent this rig back to Hive1, restarted and applied there the PILL and the OC settings. All appeared correct. Then I send it back to Hive2. And now all is working.

Please investigate why PILL dont apply sometimes on Hive2.

P.S. I have restarted rig several times while trying to add PILL in Hive2 …

Thank you in advance.

have you try to getting why it fail? i normally use ssh or vnc to the miner and see what the error. i got problem with ccminer doing renesis, and it turn out i can’t mess with the oc setting and it run ok after setting gpu to default and just lower the gpu power.

I dont know why the Pill dont apply.
I just notice that adding any OC settings in OC module in new Hive, some times stops working properly … Need to send rig to old version make all modification there and then send it back to new.

But in this case, I notied that Autofan not working properly. Because it doesnot metter what settings I adding there … It works like it was set up in old Hive.

Could you please give some sommand to erase settings all and send it back default settings … So I can set it up again ZERO )))

Thanks in advance.