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Phonixminer reboot

Hello All, I am trying to build mining case with 1 GPU AsRock rx 5700 xt challenger.

No mod /w just overclokcing I that MH/s results but some my mining hash drops 0 MH/s and after it gives me strange error named as phonixminer reboot. And like 10-15 min several rebootings it start working again. I am new on this and don’t know what can I do.

Gives me that error on miner console:

I’m no expert and I don’t run AMD GPUs but does it work without the overclocking?

To be honest I directly start using with OC

Try it without the OC and eliminate that as a possible cause. If it works then you can slowly start raising the OC until it is unstable then back it off a bit.

I understand but there is so many variables and I do not know what they used for or purposes. On internet every one sharing their results but never explain why they set their clock speed 1430-1450 or what is the memory controller voltage precisely. Any way I need ti dig on thanks for advice.

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