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Phoenixminer UPDATE post your findings here

I am interested to see if it the Update speeds up the HASH with the turbo settings and the NEW driver.
I have tried it but my RIG just won’t run with it added.

i just tested it on a friends rig. it crashes like crazy. he is using simplemining and we just selected the new version of the miner. i guess this boost or driver is messing with the OC settings we tested a few changes in OC settings and discontinued with no luck. reverted to older version of the miner. i had tested the new version on my GPU with hiveOS and its working well. i tried the new kernel 3 argument and i got increase 4 watts while gaining only 0.05 MHs. so i decided to not use the new argument and it autoselected kernel 1 and i got only 0.05 reduction in MHS. i guess this boost is nothing for me for these 5 watts i get more.
On the other side, i was using TRM to mine and with the settings i have i got 30.67MHs and now i am mining with phoenix miner and i get 31.11 with the same settings.

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Today I’ve start testing new phoenixminer and the latest version of hiveos on hiveon pool etchash. 3 cards, 2x RX 580, 1x RX 570 mini. With TRM got 87.58 on hive GUI, 86.89 avg at pool, very stable for days. With phoenix, now get 90.22 on GUI, and by the number of shares sent in 2.5 hours, I guess is more efficient than TRM. Only few adjustments of OC VCORE for stability because I got one restart caused by one gpu not mining. So far running smoothly. I will get back tomorrow with the pool average.

Ok, after 24 hours, on phoenixminer 5.7b, the results are: The average Hashrate at pool is 88.5 reported by the miner, 88.48 reported by the hiveon GUI. That means ~2 MH increase. The interesting thig is that I got less stale shares than TRM, about half of them 33 to 58. I’ve used latest hiveOS. I guess phoenixminer is better now. Good job phoenix!!!

i get 0.6 MHs more from my card just by switching to new version so its cool for me too.

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