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Phoenixminer switched from ethermine ETC to nanopool ETH

I had just started mining again, I last mined in 2019 so a software update was needed. I updated hivsos and the Nvidia drivers before I started mining.
I had opted to mine on Ethermine with Phoenixminer. Every 5 hours, it would auto switch to mine ETH on nanopool and just stay there for an hour until I reset the rig. Is this normal? Is it because there are too many miner on that pool and it auto switched me? If yes, will they sell the ETH they mine on nanopool and pay out in ETC?

I just noticed the same thing happened today. Switched to EU nanopool from US Ethermine pool… I had to restart the miner and it then mined back on ethermine pool…any ideas? Is this supposed to be the 1% fee?

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