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Phoenixminer - Statement HiveOS?

is it possible, that you guys from HiveOS make an official statement about the version of phoenixminer you have included in HiveOS?
I think a lot of users are concerned at the moment and a reaction from you could be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!



I second this. I’d like to run phoenix, but I’m concerned about the reported security issue.


I would say NH is BS’ing big time.

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If you were happy with Phoenix before, keep using it. Nothing has changed. NH sucks. All they did was spread unnecessary FUD. Their approach and response has reached beyond due diligence and leaped to defamation. Their lack of apology also doesn’t sit well. They owe them that much at the very least. And it should be delivered in the same way where they notify every single NH user and plaster it on all of their platforms.

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Jup, NH sucks. Luckily I never used it though.
But at the end, we all do not really know what is going on until some independent officials make a statement. Therefore I asked the guys from HiveOs to give us input from there side of view. Because what we use in HiveOs as a miner is software they (hive) provide to us. Unfortunately they did not respond yet…

Nicehash is probably taking a monetary hit from people using Phoenixminer and they don’t like it. Anonymous developers in the crypto world is absolutely nothing new. Who’s the author of Bitcoin? Nobody actually knows. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be a pseudonym, not an actual person’s real name as far as we can tell. Phoenixminer’s author is no different.

Well, i do not want to go in detail but. Claymore has done what Nicehash wants from Phoenixminer a digital signature. After Claymore gets the digital signiture the developer stoped or even disapear. My opinion is that somenone even make preasure to nicehash that they try to get the private data of the Phoenixminer developer team. Just my humble opinion.


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