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Phoenixminer Reboot

Hello, I’m experiencing this kind of issue

I’m a newbie of mining so I don’t have any idea on what could be the problem. Any tips pls?

Thank you


same here

Try reducing the Memory clock speed and core clock speed

I’m running a rig with mixed AMD and nvidia. Phoenixminer seems to be borked for my setup. I never get a continuous run for this miner. My rig always reboots. I tried NBMiner and the watchdog keeps restarting the miner. I switched to a combo of TeamRedMiner for AMD and NBMiner for nvidia and seems stable. All are latest as of this writing.

any solution found?

i’m having the same problem, I’m not running high OC settings.

Hello I have same issue also and found a link here: maybe it can solve yours also.

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