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PhoenixMiner Reboot GPU Driver Error Rapidly

hi to everyone im new here i have 3 XFX 6900XT recently and i have problem with minim its said PhoenixMiner Reboot GPU Driver Error Rapidly . i minnig one week with no issue but in 2_3 day i have problem with this erro and reset rig rapidly what is the problem ???

i want to mine Elon with phonixminer if anyone can help me with that i will very apreciat it where is the problem if config is the problem where is in the config pool cards i dot know (sorry for bad english Typing)

The problem is with your 3rd card, see how it doesn’t show stats? Troubleshoot all the risers/cables etc and see what causes the issue

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thnk you for your help in your opinion what is the problem it can be dust or anything like that

in the log it said

Likely a bad or loose riser, cable or faulty card. Troubleshoot and rule out all variables

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can anyone tell me my configuration is right ?
i power off the rig for 4_5 days then i clean it all dust from borads cards and evething and i power on again for 2-3 houer it seems work fine is it normal ??

You need to finish setting the voltages, as you’re burning about 50% more power than needed. Find the lowest voltage for each value that’s stable. You should be close to 100w power draw instead of 150

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How can i do this can you help me how to do that ??

After 17 hours minning without any broblem again this error happens

find the lowest voltages for each value. if it crashes increase it, if its stable, reduce it until it isnt. do this for the core voltage, memory voltage and mem controller voltage.

also, teamredminer is better for those cards over phoenix

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thanks for help teamredminer is not support by unmineable is it true ? i want to mine elon

second qustion in log of error it keeps saying gpu recovery disabled on every gpu randomly and reboot what is that mean it can be the wrong configuration ?

You’re still mining eth, but getting paid in another currency. Teamredminer will work fine. That likely means your clocks are too high, voltages are too low or a mix of both.

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can you tell me what is the current and best clocl and voltage for this im tired of error thanks

Your mvdd is likely too low.

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thank you for all your great answer another quisetion one of my friend rig has rapidly showing off even i update the os version to stable 217 but nothing happend and still showing 213 on hive os what is the problem ?

Flash the latest stable image, yours is very old. Run hive-replace -s -y in the shell and then try again. Open the miner in the shell and see what it’s saying/any error messages etc.

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another thanks for you my friend your very kind i have another question for my rig i config the rig to stable after 10-12 hours of minning it saying invalid share one off my cards whats that mean my config is problem ? or what ?

its getting too much of invalid shared what is this error ?

Lower memory or increase voltages

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