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PhoenixMiner randomly trying to reboot and crashing system

I’ve been mining Ehtereum and just recently switched to PhoenixMiner, every hour or so all my cards drop and it says PhoenixMiner reboot, I originally thought this was happening when mining the dev fees every 90 minutes, but upon further observation, it appears to be happening randomly and every time I have to reboot my rig. I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this, any help would be greatly appreciated…


Hi… I seem to have corrected this problem, by reducing my memory clock a bit, my rig has been running stable for several days now. Perhaps I should have tried this before posting my question to the forum.

Check your mining .log file. Look for GPU hangs from Overclocking too much, or bad risers. You will see the hash rate drop to 0 on the GPU/s causing the problem. I have had many issues with the yellow wire on the power plug on the riser cards causing problems from bad connections at the crimped pin. It’s usually pretty easy to see where the heat has turned the yellow to brown. Try dropping the memory frequency down in increments of 50Mhtz.