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Phoenixminer compromised?

Hey guys,

Im new to the mining world, but have seen an article on Nicehash. that Phoenix miner has been compromised. do you guys know if it’s just the windows app or inc the hiveos version as well?



Not sure, but I’m switching over to lolminer in the meantime until more information comes out. I think we’re still on 5.5c for phoenixminer (usually there’s some lag between windows apps and linux apps) so we might be OK, but better safe than sorry. If you’re super paranoid (maybe it’s a good thing if you are) you can also get new wallets and build new flight sheets for a different miner.

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It hasn’t been “compromised” necessarily…

The author had gone quiet for a month or two… and the mega download page is offline.

And Phoenixminer doesn’t publish the source code to the miner.

That’s the extent of the mystery.

NiceHash believes that the author might be preparing to do “something nefarious”.

The problem with the accusation is that it’s mainly speculation at this point.

Nobody has found anything in the miner itself to suggest it might be capable of doing anything evil.

It “might” have a keylogger … or a botnet … or be able to hijack your PC, etc, etc.

(The above sentence is sarcasm)


When in doubt it is best to change.

I would not worry about Phoenix mining . I believe it was a hit job to make them look bad for reasons Hash has not released. I continue to mine with them and I have no reasons to be worried about being hacked by them.

Red Panda gets into it very deep!! Enjoy the

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