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Phoenixminer cannot make 5th card work


I have a Rig with 4 AMD 580 cards that work great, today I added a 3080 TI card but this happens: one 580 card stopped working and the new 3080 started working in its place. So I still have 4 cards working instead of 5. When I start the operating system with all 5 cards, I get the error in the image. Any clue?
A curious thing is that when I add the 3080 to the motherboard I cannot enter the Bios, I remove the riser connector from the mother (so I disconnect the 3080) and I can access the Bios again …

This is the image of the Hive OS console, the last card is not working and it does not show its RAM either. If I remove the 3080 everything goes back to normal … but only with the 4 original 580 cards:

Motherboard: PRIME Z390-P ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (3002 04/13/2021)
CPU: 2 × Intel® Celeron® G4930 CPU @ 3.20GHz AES

Please Help!

Got same problem with old mother boards
Rock stable on X570UD

Have you enabled “Above 4G memory” in BIOS ?
And set PCIE Gen to 2 ?

Thanks for your replay.
I made it work by disabling in the Bios settings the rest of Sata that I don’t use. Try disabling the second, third and fourth SATA in the Bios settings. Of course you should have only one disc drive. That should work!
The thing is, some PCIe are somehow related to some SATA slots … so disable them, that makes the PCIe slots available for the GPUs. At least with this motherboard.
I hope this helps!

I rather think that the problems come from PCIE lines that come from the chipset and not from the CPU.
Being over solicited Z390 runs too hot and generate errors. Z390 looks llike being passive cooled on this board, mays be a fan close help.
I noticed also that by disabling as much things as possible increase stability on my boards.

I have the same board (z390-p) on one of my rigs with 7x6800 and it was a nightmare to make it stable. I’ll never buy it again.