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Phoenix Miner rebooting constantly

Hi! I have a problem with the phoenix miner.
I just installed the sixth graphics card and after a few minutes of mining, the last gpu (amd 580) stops responding, forcing the miner to restart.
In turn, it drops various invalid on the graphs.
Before installing the last card (nvidia 1660s) I did not have any errors or reboot

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I have the same problem, however I use 4x 1660s, and when increasing from 2 to 4, I started to have this error. did you manage to solve?

I have NVIDIA cards and six GPU’s and same issue started recently but I am not sure why. I am running the latest version of Hive and the Nvidia drivers. However, this is only on one of my three rigs. The other two are stable. It kept throwing this GPU5 not responding error and rebooting frequently. I then removed GPU5 and replaced the riser card, same issue so I completely removed GPU5 for good and guess what? GPU 5 not responding! Well GPU5 is gone now.

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