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Phoenix miner jumping hashrate

Can someone help me,
I had stable 189,2 mh on phoenix miner, chaned in for g miner for 3 days.
after that i installed new hive os update.
and when i went back to pheonix miner, hash started jumping 183-186, not more, sometimes less.
teamredminer gives stable 186.9

What can be the problrm with phoenix, why is it jumping?

rig rx 480 3 rx 570 3

This is my Setup with one card using Team Red Miner and Bios is Modded with PolarisBiosEditor1.7.5 . Start with higher power like 980 and remove memory voltage and memory controller voltage and then start reducing power by 10 e.g, 970—960 till your hash power decrease put one above again…

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