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Phi algorithm miner?

Does HiveOS already have a AMD and NVIDIA phi algorithm miners for cryptocurrencies like Luxcoin?

I checked that in hiveos I can mine scrypt phi by ccminer however I can not get through sgminer, there is a prediction to add this script to the miner because there are several currencies that use this script.

Phi ccminer is working. However sp-mod is not. Which is a shame as it is well optimised for phi and gives 10% more hashrate than others.

The sgminer phi is there, but it is missing from the drop down. I managed to get it to run, by renaming the gm fork to gm-backup and renaming the phi to gm. They are under /hive/sgminer

However, the miner freezes after loading the sgminer.conf I have tried just about everything, including creating my own sgminer.conf. Any help?