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Pheonix miner Invalid Shares

I am getting error Pheonix miner Invalid Shares with the following miner switch:

-openclLocalWork 64

I have a modified bios for 5700XT. Without the switch, I am getting around 55MH/s without any errors. With the switch, I am getting around 59MH/s, but with errors.

Can I reduce or eliminate these errors by changing any of the OC settings?


Any setting other than 32 in this variable will result in errors.
Drop the variable altogether or set to 32.

Is there any advantage of using 32 vs. no variable?

No difference as the default value is 32 when not explicitly expressed.

no, the 32 value is basically the standard, so if you put 32, or you don’t use the parameter at all is still the same

i don’t pay any electricity, so i’m bit more able to push the voltage slightly higher… i found two optimal settings, obviously both with bios modified. Have to say that the bios is just slightly modified, and not pushed to much, as my memory are micron and not samsung, were a bit afraid of bricking the card, so i pushed it just to a double, and not triple values…

the pads have been changed, and thermal paste too

that being said my 2 best options were:

  1. (electricity costs 0.00/kwh) core: 1800mhz - voltage: 950mv - mem clock: 1894 - fans 30 to 60% stable at 52% most of the time - thermal junction 79/80c - Tmem 96/98c - 154watts with about 165watts at the wall —> getting 59.4 MH/s stable since 1 month non stop

  2. (cost efficient) core 1450mhz - voltage 800mv (you can put 750mv if you’re able to change driver, but in that case you’ll have to low down the clock to 1350/1400mhz) - mem clock 1900 - fans 30 to 60% stable at 52% most of the time - thermal junction ~50c or less - Tmem 98/102c (depending on room temperature you can push them down by putting an extra fan on lateral of the gpu where memory are) - 110watts with 115/120watts at the wall —> getting 57 MH/s stable since 2+ weeks continually

please note also if you’ll be able to low down the voltage to 700/750mv your power usage would be around 80/85watts, obviously the power consumption at the wall will depend on your psu specifications obviously an 80+ white will have much more power consumption at the wall then an 80+ platinum.

what i discovered using the -openclLocalWork parameter is that it is definitely increasing the hashrate, pushing my hashrate to 68.4 mhs wich is impressive, but is not giving any improvement since is getting a lot of invalid shares (20/30% in my case, but many other people reported 40/50% or even more), which makes the end result much less profitable then usual settings

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