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Performance decrease when adding new GPUs

I’m starting in the wolrd of mining…
I have a rig with a B250-btc 12p and a 2400W server PSU.

I started with just 1 3090 GPU and gave me about 125MH/s…
So I added another 3090 GPU, then with same OC I couldn’t get higher than 118MH/s on both…which is not bad anyway.

Now I have added a 3060 Ti which makes 60MH/s (Good!), but the other 2 x 3090 GPUs went down to 110MH/s… Power used per GPU also decreased… Why?

I have to say that any of the cards share any power cable nor the risers…

My OC for the 3090 are :
109.2 MH 48° 80% 279W 80 -100 2600 305

why is this happening? Does it have any reason? Any better OC for the 3090?


try absolute core clock setting.
try core clock 1100.

setting absolute values did not help…

If needed set up higher core clocks . Play with them ot should work

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