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Pending Payment Not Moving as I am Mining

Mining at 1.9-2.0GH all on Hiveon

For past several hours pending payment has not moved from 0.0045 after last night payout.

Any ideas what could be causing this issue?

Thanks all

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same, and others as well. ive paused it for now. on minerstat ethereum mining is down over 70%. on hiveon website daily profits are blank. the market is not doing much. I hope this isnt the proof of stake thing?

If your miners are showing they are submitting and receiving acknowledgment of accepted shares, let them mine it is only an API issue.

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seems it’s an api issue across several pools then.

Its back online

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thx. phew, relief :sweat_smile:

may I ask how much you had to invest to get to 2GH?

You are confusing exchange rates and monitoring tools for a specific mining reward.

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im so happy I confused things

From your other posts, it appears you are mining ETH. You are receiving ETH as a reward for mining and the exchange value of it will go up and down. The estimators of all pools are just that, estimations.

Factor such into when you buy, sell, hold, etc.

Hoping your mining efforts are well rewarded!

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I am at about 45K with used and new cards. I work to get everything off of Facebook market place etc…

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wow! id have to work years to earn such amounts. best wishes dude and may your cards live decades

Thanks brother

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Does anyone have an idea how long these things typically take to resolve?

Seeing that 2.0 GH working but not “earning” is a little un-nervering LOL.

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it’s back up

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is it back to normal for you all on hiveos?

Odd I am looking at mine now and still not updating :frowning:-(

Logged out and then back on as well