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Pending ETH reset to zero

It was at just over 0.1 this morning. It is now showing zero and all mining history has reset as if I have just started mining. My wallet has no received payments and I have no idea what happened. I think this happened at exactly same time that I upgraded the nvidia drivers via web console. Surely this is not the cause. PLease help me. I ma obviously a noob at this.

did you change wallets?

Yes. Looks like if you change the wallet than this is normal behaviour. Bugger.

its not bug. because the balance you have is linked in the pool to you by worker name and address, if you change the address your balance is not showing. you can not transfer the balance also to new address. you need to mine until you get paid and then change the address.

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hi sir good day, im newer miners, then its that happen to me also. my question sir is. is there any chance to get my earnings back ?

Your earnings are tied to the wallet address you mined them to. What address?

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