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PCI-E splitter

Hi everyone.

I am new to mining and have learned that the pci-e usb splitters can be hit or miss. Currently it is a miss for me.

I have an ST-Lab U-1780 which uses a ASM3142 chip. My system is an older dell with H61 motherboard and 3770 cpu (Optiplex 3010).

So i have investigated as far as i am able which is that the bios sees the device, the system loads the driver (Specifically ASM 2142, but is interchangable for 3142 apparently).

The system lists the full USB 3.1 speed rated for the splitter (10gb).

In the bios there is no setting for choosing which pci-e gen it should run, though i wouldnt think it support gen3.

My other thought was that it might be an xhci problem as there seemed to be some indications on that with the Linux kernels 4.4 to 4.6. There is not no possibility to disable xhci driver in BIOS. I can not figure out how to disable HCI in the kernel either.

What i did try was to force ehci with an usb 2.0 cable, but that didn’t work either.

Do anyone have any suggestions on getting this device to work? I tried using only one port on the splitter also and using different ports for one gpu at a time, but it does not trigger an recognition in the system. The GPU’s works fine with a riser directly in the pci lane.

Hopefully some of you have any suggestions :slight_smile:

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