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Payout where to see in hiveos dashboard how much it mined

I assembled a rig 3080 successfully 3 GPUs running HiveOS and mining ETH at ethermine and so far I am seeing accepted A 4815 running for about 24 hours . I am looking at different options in hiveos dashboard “Your Funds” is $0 and I do not see anything in my wallet, I mentioned my wallet address in flight sheet. I could not see how much ETH I have mined and how to get the mined ETH . I was searching all over the place including YouTube, surprised I could not find any information about that. Can anyone help me to provide any video or any info regarding this

You are running HiveOS, but mining on Ethermine’s pool. Check your status on Ethermine’s site by entering your wallet on their site.


Thank you…I am able to view at Ethermine’s pool waiting for the threshold