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Payout through Polygon not received

Hi, Im mining ETH and I have configured the payout through the polygon network, The transaction was successful, but the ETHs never reached my TRUST wallet.

what I noticed is that they were sent as Wrapped ETH (WETH), to my always used ETH wallet address.

I have also noticed that the address of my WETH and ETH are the same? that’s right?

Should I set up some other wallet? or configure something additional in my trust wallet?

Thanks in advance.

if you have the keys/seed phrase for your wallet, you can open it in a wallet that supports wETH and do whatever you want to with it from there. i personally use the coinbase wallet to store my wETH.

thanks for your answer… “Trust” Wallet supports WETH, but the payouts not received.
Do you know if its ok that the addresses of the ETH and WETH for receiving payments are the same?
perhaps Trust Wallet is considered as an Exchange Wallet? i dont think so… pls someone clarify me my doubt.

thanks you.

As long as you have the keys you’re good. I’m not familiar with that wallet but if you search YouTube how to add polygon to trust wallet I’m sure there’s some how to