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Payout Stuck in Waiting Status

my current payout is stuck in waiting status and the transaction number cannot be found on etherscan. what is going on?

crazy gas price…

Same here.

Showing “pending” status for 6 hrs (it’s about 9AM EST now, pending since 3:00AM).

Usually these overnight payouts get approved fast, but yeah, 280-300 Gwei current gas rates are nuts… who gets all those fees anyway :wink:

pareil pour moi…en attente
j’ai cru que voir sur d’autres pool que les paiements sont en attente aussi

Maybe someone will inform us when this payment will be sent. the tx number they give is not on etherscan.

Also pending here. Gas prices have dropped to 80 Gwei, I don’t know how low it needs to go to process.

I’m having this issue was there a solution to this problem?

I have the same issue, after how many hours did you received the payment?

I requested a payout on the 8th of June but have not received it yet. Here are the screenshots.
Did I lose the Ethereum transfer? Has my wallet been locked? How can I fix this problem? Can I cancel the transaction and make a new one increasing the transaction fee? Please help

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