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Payout Percentage increasing but the amount is Decreasing by day!

Thanks in advance, ive been working with my 2 1660S cards rig for 1 Month , the payout tab shows me 122.57USD @ 61% on one day and it then decreases to 120.97 @ 63% to payout!.. whe payout percentage increase am having cash deceasing!..

is this a glitch or is this an error… or is there any dev fee… am on a flee plan i guess, first rig!

this scares me, when payout percentage goes up and cash goes down… does anyone know what is the error!.. i cant sleep… help me!

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dude let me explain how the economy works. the most important thing for you needs to be the daily income/earnings but in ETH not in dollars. you should always use the ETH income not its value in dollars. You are gonna ask why? because the idea is to have more ETH at the end because the PRICE of ETH is changing everyday. Now that it has fallen 1 ETH is 1950 dollars at the time of writing. so if you mined 0.1 ETH you will get at this price 195 dollars. But if in a few days the price goes to 2500 dollars per 1 ETH , you will get for your 0.1 ETH 250 dollars. So you see the difference… thats why one day you have 200 next day you have 150 and after a few days you can have 300 for the same amount of ETH accumulated.
so basically you should be worried to mine more ETH daily not its value in dollars because when the price rises , the value in dollars will be higher.

Thankyou for ur fast responce… i knew it just wanted to verify… thanks for the support!.. great

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let me tell you also why the ETH daily mining is different also because you might ask :smiley:
The most important thing here is if there are transactions in the network. If there are many transactions the gas price rises and the miners are paid more ETH. if there are not so many transactions going on in the network, the gas prices fall so you get paid less. This is the main reason.

The secondary reason is the luck factor of the pools where you might get more luck and find more transactions to mine or you might get less lucky and find less jobs to mine but after a certain period it evens out and your average mining hashes needs to be more or less the same as your reported hashes.
The third reason you might get a little less paid is due to stale shares which are paid in half price but they are not so much from the total you make.

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