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Payout pending

Hi, I’m new to Hiveos - just reached my first payout of ETH 0.1 - funds were removed from ‘unpaid’ block and now at the bottom of pool page I see transaction status “pending”.
My question is - how long it usually takes for funds to be available (I’m using Coinbase)?
Thanks for help and clearing it out for me!

foe me the same here… I today I reached 100% of the pending threshold … and now , the coins are gone but I cant see anything in payed balance is zero … I also can not see any pending transacation… were is my money? of course in the ETH wallet I did not receive anything up to now …

ok I found it… I changed the Wallet ID and now I did not find the amount of unpaid anymore… but after cliking the pending tile in the overview you can switch the actual choosen wallet ID using the <…> right next to the ID … if you click then on “view on Hivepool” I found the “old” amount which is still pending!
Im writing this, b/c I saw here in the forum a lot of similar questions without an answer … its pretty tricky;)

Why am I waiting this much for a payout? Can someone help?

i also got this problem now my balance payout stilll pending almost 3 hours

Since Hiveon will cover transfer fees, it should take several hours to make the transfer, because I can imagine they set gas price to the minimum.

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Mine has been pending for almost 8 hours now… When does usually clear? I will also update when it is cleared

Okay… So I joined the Telegram chat group and saw that there are 1000+ pending payouts that are waiting for a lower gas fee

Finally got my payout. It was pending for about 17 hours…

I’ve been waiting over 24 hours

same here …been waiting 12 hours ,i guess we all think its cuz gas fees are too high

same here over 12hrs still pending

seems that it has been months and months and ppl having same issue. cant this be fixed?


Transactions are still pending, waiting on lower gas fees.

Payouts will be resumed and sent once gas fees meet the threshold (82 gwei 88 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan).

We’ll keep monitoring the proceedings and make adjustments if necessary, as we usually do.

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how long does this usually take? im no expert on gas fee fluctuations

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Is the 82 gwei treshold for low, average or high?

Also right now when writing this both low and average and high are 72 but my payment is still pending, for 25 hours now.
(falled to 67 during writing that line)

i also got this problem

=Hi there. I also got this problem. Now my balance payout is still pending for almost 6 hours. I would like to know when the money will go to my account. How much do you still need to wait for time? Maybe it really lasts 24 hours and more? When I ordered an essay here, then the payment took place in 10 minutes. What is wrong?

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