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Payout Frequency (Low Hashrate)

Hey there, miners!

I’ve wanted to try Hiveon for a while but I am a little confused about the payouts. Please help :slight_smile:

Since my hashrate is currently 25 MH/s (increasing to around 70 MH/s soon), it will take me quite a long time to mine 0.1 ETH.

The payouts FAQ page states:
Payments are made daily at 07:33 GMT+0, provided that the balance is at least 0.1 ETH […]. If you have not reached the minimum payout threshold at the moment of fixation, the funds will be paid the next day.

Does that mean that if I don’t have 0.1 ETH when the payments are distributed I will get paid on the next day regardless of how much I have mined (even if it is less than 0.1 ETH)? Or I will have to wait until I manage to mine 0.1 ETH, which could take a long time?

Thank you! May the hashrate be with you :slight_smile:

нужно ждать пока будет больше 0,1 ETH

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Thank you / Спасибо!

Bro i would recommend you to use nice hash. with 25 MHs only it would take quite a long time to get payed

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