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Payment unavailable

Hi there
found payment page says unavailable ETH

0.03261 / 0.2 ETH

52.20 USD
will i have to claim it via the timing ring
or is it another link
regards john

If you’re having any issue with the payout claim, you can contact support via the chat at or via email [email protected]

Hi i have my balance now somewhere in a wallet
i got frases for eth
i used matamax but dont see Eths zero
not sure if ive done it correct

Post the txid of the transaction

“Sep 16, 2022, 12:24 PM”,“0.03261”,“ETH”,“0xbf6c833152bcfae9ed06ff2a0f82e07924908387ceb9dd6869b33a419f54f4c3”,“Succeed”

bonjour, mon adresse IP n’est pas reconnue pour réaliser mon reliquat de paiement ETH avec le formulaire…

Non payé
0,15675 / 0,2 ETH