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Payment rates low?

Can someone explain to me what is going on with the payment rates today? I realize it fluctuates, but I have checked other pools and hiveon is the only one effected. When I enter my hashrate anywhere else, it is the normal rate for here and double what I have been getting for most of the day. How does a 3080 pay $10+ on every other pool including Nicehack, and pay $4.88 here? What am I missing?

I have the same problem. Just got this answer from the support:


There is a problem with displaying statistics.

We know about the error and now our technicians are engaged in a fix.

Mining rewards are calculated correctly.

In the near future, the functionality will be restored.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

Apparently it is only the statistics.

yeah its showing about half of what i should be getting =\

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I could see statistics being off, but that chart I screenshot is my payments… not statistics. Are they gonna reimburse us all too?

Looks like it was fixed briefly but is now showing the same declining pattern…

I guess I am expecting a jump in payments when it is sorted…

might be time to point to another pool until this is sorted

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