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Payment pending

Pending payment for more than 10h? Why?


hi, i have the same issue today, how long did you wait?

i know gas is high, but how much does it needs to be ?

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Good question, somebody of Hiveon should tell which is the gas limit they set for transactions.
My idea is that it’s really low (around 50), since they cover it.
By the way is no more my problem, since I switched pool. XD

About 15h to transfer.

Good idea! Let’s get out

Well, my payment still pending and the transaction number doesn’t exist on etherscan. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

same issue

This is likely due to your Gas price being set too far below the current network base fee. The transaction must wait for the base price fee to be =< than your Gas price limit. If you want to speed up the transaction time , then try increasing your gas price limit. You can see current gas price on the pool when the transaction is pending.

Dis you get your payment?

NO payment yet. I’ve been at 100% for 3 days

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Where can the gas price limit be modified? I can not find this setting

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does anybody know what’s going on Hiveos? Why are the payments pending for a week?

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Payments pending for a week is likely an account lock issue.

Payments were going out on the 5th and in my case the 6th of September when gas prices dropped into the range Hive specified.

From Discord as a point of reference on 9/5:
TíasJørnesson — 09/05/2021
All scheduled payouts have been made(~10 hours ago). And you can check it via the link in the Pinned Message.

If you haven’t received payout, you either didn’t meet the threshold on time or your wallet has been locked for some reason (usually high stales/invalids). This is most commonly caused by surpassing the max allowed stale %(5) for a prolonged period of time.

You can quite easily identify this by the above or by simply checking your Hiveon Dashboard’s Shares graph.

You can go back a week or even a month and review whether you had had too many stales/invalids recently. If that’s the case, your wallet has most likely been locked.

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Thanks for explanations. I think that it is not becouse of gas prices. Then, what should i do if the wallet is locked? Can you help me or suggest a link to learn.

@Nuri I find Discord to be most effective to keep track of the goings on. You’ll see lots of sticky posts in the hiveon-pool area which should get you where you want to go.

check with support via chat, probably you had too many stale shares and your wallet got locked. I had same issue and just chatted with support via chat and they told me that was my issue and unlocked my account. good luck

Thank you. I am checking with support!

hello ive the same problem,where is the chat please? tank you