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Payment issues since switching ti Phoenix Miner?

I’m fairly sure I’ve set it up right since the address is showing shares being received, and it’s sending payment to my wallet but my payment isn’t received.

I’m using 2Miners pool mining ETH and being paid in BTC, so in Phoenix Miner I’ve setup the miner config manually but it starts with this error.
“Eth: Missing host or wallet for the main command-line pool”

Yesterday I had a payment sent and it hasn’t been received, so that money seems to be missing.

ETH is no longer minable. Stop posting links trying to get people to go to your sketch website. This is against community guidelines and will not be tolerated.

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Boy you’re going to look and feel really stupid when you look at the date of my post, and when you realize there are no links.

Well, I would if I had been responding to you. I was responding to a spammer who replied to this and brought it back to the top. I reported it to Marcus in the hive discord group, and he got it removed. The user is now banned, thus it dosent say who I responded to.

The spammer was dealt with accordingly :hammer:

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Ahhh I see. But of a flaw there in the forum software lol

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yes, I would appreciate it if they made it so when you responded to someone, and it just said “responeded to banned user” or something.