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Payment after eth merge

i have lost my eth (above 0.1) after eth merge, i have not getting any eth point on my wallet after merge ( mined eth point), how can i getting my eth point .

plz suggets me …

Unfortunately you’re about 6 weeks too late. any requests for amounts below your set threshold needed to be made by October 5th.There were announcements on all socials, in the hiveos app, on the pool dashboard and the blog starting august 25th.

you mean all of my eth in the pool have disappeared? it is a clear burglary . any one who choose ethminer pool get their eth automatically

The pool is now closed, you’re about 6 weeks too late. You needed to reach the minimum threshold in order to get your payout, that minimum threshold was reduced to .005 eth and able to withdraw manually either on mainnet or polygon networks April 22nd, and on august 25th it was lowered again to .0025 eth (the lowest of any pool I’m aware of). If you had less than .0025 you could even contact support and as long as you paid gas fees, withdraw any amount greater than 0. Nothing was kept secret, all was posted on socials, there was a banner on the app and on the pool dashboard.

Were you not aware of the merge taking place? Did you not look at the app or pool dashboard between august 25th and October 5th?