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[Paying to fix] Rig keeps getting disconnected/DOWN

I’m currently running a rig that has a 2400w PSU on a 220v outlet. When my rig disconnects from HIVE, the actual rig itself is up and running like it doesn’t turn off. The GPUs stop spinning and its not on the hive network anymore.

3x 3080 XC3 EVGA
2x 3060TI EVGA

OC Settings

My rig ran fine for 20 days, then suddenly disconnected from HIVE. No crash, no errors or anything at all on logs. I am hard-wired to an ethernet extension cord to my router. Every time I boot the rig it disconnects 5-24 hours later. I ran a net-scan and everything was green. GPU0 & GPU2 are 3060ti and are the ONLY gpus fluctuating in power limit & fan speed even though I have it firm set.

I’m out of solutions. Willing to PAY ethereum to anyone who can FIX this problem

Side note: The 3060TI always fluctuates in power like it goes up 1% then back down 1%. Never stays the same. One time before my rig disconnected from hive the 3060ti both went N/A and a hour later crashed. I am on T-REX as well.

Am I not allowed to mix 3060ti and 3080s together? Because my 3080s don’t change in anything pl, fan, etc.

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Go into shellinabox and see what the error is.

No errors at all on hive shell

Shell in a box cant open

If temperature of your GPUs goes too high, miner could stop to save the cards. From the screenshot it is not possible to conclude if miner is still working or not. Can you check miner logs in /var/log/miner ?

I have the same problem. A couple of different points also:

  1. I have 3 RTX 3060 and 2 1080ti
  2. I am on lol miner
  3. hiveon pool
  4. power fluctuates - very normal
  5. fan speed also fluctuates sometimes - not so normal
  6. I use ethernet over coax
  7. Disconnection happens every 5-24 hours - exactly the same

Hello! Did you ever find the fix?
I have the same problem going on.

Same problem here, except the time after which it disconnects is sooner and sooner. I have replaced every component on the rig, and it has been happening on other rigs as well. Just randomly disconnects, and I cannot do anything remotely because it’s not disconnected. Unplugging the ethernet for 5s fixes the problem, but then who knows how soon it disconnects again.

Have you guys tried updating the os or reinstalling the os on the drive ?

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