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Palit RTX 3070ti Micron Memory Lemon?

Just tried the new card. Palit 3070 Ti with Micron GDDRx 8G cannot go past 44MHs with recommended OC. Is this a bad card?

Fan: 60 / 41*
Core: -500
Mem: 2200
PL: 130

Kernel 5.4.0-hiveos #108
NVIDIA Driver Version 465.27
Ryzen 5 1500x
MSI B450 Plus Max Gaming
8GB Memory

ok. someone just told me this is hashrate limited. Do hdmi dummy plug defeat this?

AFAIK all new Ti NVIDIA cards and even the newest 30 series are hashrate limited and there hasn’t been found any workaround yet. Nothing will let you break the limit, no driver 470.05 magic or HDMI dummy plug yet. That ‘hack’ works only for 3060.

If you bought this card for mining, you can try to swap it for a 3080 (not hashrate limited) or hope a workaround is found soon.

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