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Palit GTX 1080 - PL 0W 0W 0W (нет стандартных уровней поверлимитов)

Приветствую сообщество.

Имеется пациент Palit 1080 Dual OC со следующей болячкой:

  • любая попытка поменять PL, core clock… через MSI Afterburner - вызывает зависание системы
  • в Hive при попытке установить любые заначение сразу OC Failed

Может кто встречал подобное?

dude you have written 300 mem clock speed… write 1700 mem clock speed. also switch on the enlargment pill.

No metter what settings i set - always OC failed.
Please check screenshot - 160W power consumption (== PL i set but with errors and after reboot), without any miner or any load.

remove all the overclock settings and restart the PC. then start again with overclock

Already did few times.

Actual issue is that Hive cant featch “power play” tables (dont know exact name for NV).
GPU can:

  • if no overclock - power consumtion from target power from bios without any load
  • if set PL - power consumtion will be applyed after reboot, but again, it will be static.

I am not familiar with the power play. You can renew the hive os with a command from consile and try again

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