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Palit 3060 dual thermal pads

I have a card that runs a little warmer than I like. Asked palit for the thicknesses of the pads, and it is not what I was expecting. At least they are only using 2 different thicknesses.

However, have to warn you that you will void the warranty :frowning: if you do any of the following

  • Removing or changing the original fan from the Palit graphics card.
  • The warranty sticker is missing or damaged
  • The S/N sticker is missing or damaged and can’t be recognized

Now for the actual data. The rightmost number is the count, not the pad number :smirk:

At least they are nice enough to provide us with the information in a clear way


Ahmazing! Thanks you! Have you ever wondered why they use such rubbish thermal pads? 3W ain’t good for anything!!! :confounded:

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