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Package for constant pushing of messages when rig is offline

Hi. Ive been managing a HiveOS farm for a couple months now and have come to accept that if i keep adding GPUs, the miners will fail at some point and ill need to stabilize OC for it. I have setup a telegram notification channel for my farm, but too often miss a message for a miner going offline (lots of messages in the channel) and will have a worker offline for many hours. I would love some way, maybe some third party package, for notifications to be constantly send if a worker is offline. I want to be bugged about this as hard as possible. Is there any existing package that could accomplish this for me, or does anyone have any tips for dealing with workers going offline?

There are plenty of apps on Google Play store that monitor hash rate like Ethermine Monitor, FlexPool Monitor, or whatever monitor.
Those are not monitoring your hiveos, but your hashrate on the pool, and give you alarms when a rig is offline or reduced or whatever config you add to it.
Works for me :smiley:

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