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P106-090 Malfunction driver is not loaded

I could not find help on other posts here.

I just plugged in the p106-090 as my second gpu, the first one is working fine.


Is there any specific driver to use for this device p106-090. I searched on google and tried to get this info watching youtube videos, but so far I could not find the answer.

any help will be appreciated.

flash the latest stable image and go from there. test each card individually

Now I’m using the stable version, now the p106-090 is being displayed on web as you can see below

Check what I’m getting from console

Is there any other commands I can run to get more info/details?
Should I downgrade the nvidia driver version?

I’m sorry. I think I found the “problem”, is me…lol

It is missing some power cable.
I will arrange the power cable and connect it.
But, for now I’ll try using only this gpu 106-090 and check on web as I don`t have two power cables to have both devices connected at the same time.
For now, thank you for your help.

Don’t mess with the driver after flashing the stable image, test the card by itself, wit known good cables/riser

Just to let you know, the p106-090 it’s working and mining. I just bought a new riser card and power cables from internet, it will arrive on saturday. When I connect all them together I’ll post here. In the end it will be 1x rx470 and 2x p106-090. Thanks again

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