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P104-100 Power consumption

Greetings fellow miners,
Since one of the last OS updates I’ve been experiencing the following issues:

  1. I have two identical rigs, 8 cards each. Power is limited to 140W/card (2240W total), BUT according to the system it’s 6.632kW!!! What might be the problem, or what am I doing wrong?
  2. As mentioned above, the two rigs are identical, with identical settings, but one is doing 314MH and the other 277MH and I cannot understand why. Any ideas/suggestions.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Are you seeing that as the reported power consumption just within the Hive dashboard? Do you have an at-the-wall power monitoring ability like a Kill-a-watt or something like that to monitor realtime power consumption of the rigs? I know when I messed with some settings in my account on Hive where I was adjusting like the kilowatt cost or something like that, my rig went from saying like 680W in Hive dashboard to like 2.x kw or something.

And if, for example, a state-tracking device? Or without him in any way?