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P104-100 on Grin29

my p104-100 with 4GB memory cannot mine Grin29 on Hive, but it’s possible to do that on minerbabe OS, please reduce some memory consumption on Hive so that I could continue use Hive which I’d really love to.

Currently no public miners which can mine GRIN C29 with 4g cards
You can try mine on minerbabe if you like GRIN or mine on Cuck(at)oo 31 lean mode on Hive

bminer 13.1.0 added support:

“Support mining Grin / AE with 4G or 5G of video memory. (P104 only on Linux).”

However, it is very buggy and mining does not stay constant (drops to 0 very quickly). I have reported my findings in the official bminer thread.

1050ti also works not only P104 and achieve values compared with RX 470/570 :grin:


Can 1063 run GRIN?