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P104-100 gigabyte

Hello to everyone. Zdrastvuite :slight_smile:

Well, i just started mining yesterday :slight_smile:
I have rx580 4gb in my home PC and a friend of mine which mines for ages told me mounth ago you could try mining. So i gave it a try, instaled hive, and figured out due the dag file size im to late for mining on my card.

P104-100 was onli card that was avaiable and that i could afford curently. I bough it used from a guy that was alredy mining with it so it has alredy flashed bios on it and 8gb unlocked.

My card is gigabyte version with micron chip on it.
I am curently on pl135w 190 core 1100 memory.
And im geting 34.2 MHs.

Being totaly new to mining i probably have more than 1001 questions buth first i would like to know are here more of us using same card? What are your settings and expiriences with this card?

I speak english and russian also, so shoot :slight_smile:

May you all have a great day.

Guys is it possible that only I on whole forum am using this card :slight_smile:

Well guys afther few days of trying out i.managed to stable 36 mhs.
Im on:
190 core
1100 memory
100 fan
153 power limit

on that setings it runs on 36mhs and around 50 to 60 temperature, depends of my room temperature.

Eth Pill seams to do nothing or im doing something wrong, but p104 has the same memory as 1080 so maybe eth pill shpuld work on this card somehow.

Hi i use same cards too.

Im on:
250 core
825 memory
80 fan
140 power limit
Mh/s: 36

Thanks for stoping.
I tried your OS setings and on my card i get almost all defect shares.
Is your card micron memory to?
What miner are you using? A get quite different results with different miners and Im currently using LoLminer.

P.S. Theres a video on youtube in wich some guy remowes 2 resistors from card and made it cooler. Buth i cant find a single thread on internet where people actualy did that and had good results.

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