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Overclocking Templates with Multiple Miners

I have a Rig with both AMD and Nvidia cards. I typically run multiple miners on this Rig running different Algo’s that are best suited for the cards.
Is there a way to setup two different overclock templates for each card type?

Example: Flux (Miner #1) on Nvidia and Ravencoin (Miner #2) on AMD.
So, I have a template of equihash 125-4 (Flux) that contains my OC settings for my Nvidia cards running Flux and my AMD cards running Kawpow (Raven).
I haven’t found a way to have just my equihash settings to apply to Nvidia and my Kawpow settings to apply to my AMD cards independently.
When I make a template of my Nvidia settings and apply them, all my AMD setting disappear and vise verse.

Is this possible?

Are you using the overclocking tab and filling out the overclocks per algo? That will hold amd and nvidia settings per algo, and if set to auto switch then you can change flight sheets and it will auto set the OC you have set for each card type for each algo.

Sorry for the delay…
I’m using the OC tab.
But if miner 1 is Ethash (Nvidia) and miner 2 is ghost (AMD), then OC tab shows Ethash with both sets of OC’s, ethash in Nvidia and Ghost in AMD. It seems to go by with whatever miner 1 is ever if miner 2 algo is different. They both get saved in miner 1’s algo. In this case Ethash.

as of right now not automatically. for that rig i would make a custom template for each combo, and manually apply that template when you switch.

if youre not switching between more than 2 miner/algo combos on that rig you can set one flight sheet to have the nvidia miner first and it will use that OC template, and the other flight sheet to use the amd miner first and it will use that OC template.