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Overclocking settings for AMD RX 560 4gb (Visiontek '4m' Low profile)

I’ve been searching everywhere for a post in regards to overclocking Visiontek’s RX 560 4M 4GB Low Profile GDDR5 and I cant seem to find a content answer for this specific card mainly due to this card I believe to be relatively new as of 2020 maybe early 2021.

Without overclocking the cards pulls a steady 10.32MH for ETC, but with

Core Clock: 1150mhz
and amdmemtweak --REF 30

The two cards now match and pull 11.21MH individually

If anyone has any idea for more optimal settings I’m open for suggestions! Currently all the popular presets either preform worse or it has crashed the card and rebooted the system.

Here is a link the model:

is this card bios modded ? along with the core clock have you tried inserting the core memory also around 2100?

Embeded memory can’t support 2100 MHz.
Following the link you gave, you should try first


And see any change
Also, don’t expect much more
10.3MHs on ETC sound to be top.

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Better not mine at all with this card. Or try ergo.

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I have not modded the bios on my 560’s or my 570; I am still trying to figure that area out!

Thank you, I will try this out and get back to in regards to the performance!

Why not, if i may ask?

This board is a wrokstation one
Absolutely not mining oriented, low power stage, almost inexistent cooling and memory ( that matters a lot ) is very low clocked

These settings have aloud the card to maintain the 11.20MH and drop the over all wattage per card from 35w to 22w. With the temperature dropping from 55 to 47

Ive come to realise this after doing research on the card. Im looking into adding the MSI 570 8GB when i can find it on a good deal

You can now fine tune core clock and memory
+25 each step on core up to 1150
+50 each step on memory up to 1600

Don’t expect much more

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