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Overclocking AMD issue

I’m mining with AMD cards on an Octominer using XMRStak. I’m having an issue using the AMD OC feature.

The only way overclocking seems to work for me, is if i make the OC changes while the miner is running. It can mine for hours, but as soon as I restart the miner or reboot hiveos, the miner just won’t hash. I have to empty out all the overclock settings AND reboot hiveos for the miner to start working again. It’s like it doesn’t like any OC settings at all when the miner starts.

The big issue here is if the miner does crash for some reason overnight, it wont restart and hash again.

Maybe I’m doing something retarded, but it feels like there is some kind of issue here.

Did you solve the issue.
I got the same issue after restart hiveos crashes.
I got the same config in ethos and it makes no issue