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Overclocking 3080. Power Level won't get to 230W

Possible thermal throttling?

I have read is not the thermal pads… but a bios issue to be flashed into the cards (at your own risk!)

Is a nest of threads: You want to go directly:

If you want to read the story… and from there there is another reddit link.

3 x RTX3080 - Gainward Ghost, each gpu works in a different way! :sweat_smile:

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I had issues for weeks and was driving me up the wall. I finally opened a remote she’ll to my rig. You type in I think driver_uodate. It auto updates nividia drivers. I then was able to get my 93mh up to 98 and my 96mh to 99. Def made a big difference and noone tells you this. It is different than updating each card I guess. Def made a world of difference now two hours no shutdown…I am confident I can get to 100 plus but want to see if it runs all night. I’m at 1060 2100 and 230. Hope this helps you as I was constantly doing restarts or down at 93 mh on some. I run 6 rtx 3080.

ok well
fan 100%
245 PL

my power cons is 245w my hash is 99/101

Thought some 3080s were power limited in the firmware. Remember reading some worked better after reflashing with a different firmware. Not sure if this is the cause for this.

If you you think it is thermal throttling you can try this command to see the reason

nvidia-info | grep Throttle