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Overclocking 3080, 3070, 3060ti, 2060 OC, 1660 Super

Hi all
after back and force of finding the best stable settings for my rig (i.e. my cards), I have now evaluated my best settings. Find attached a printscreen, this maybe helps someone…
Cheers from Switzerland

Btw. I use NBMiner and Hiveon Pool and just added my last 3070 a few minutes ago, therefore there is no blue and violet bar.

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Thanks for the post. I am trying to get stable setting for 3080’s FE. Seems like it becomes more stable if I increase the power limit. Core 0 or greater. MEM 2000

Can I ask how long your rig will run with out shutdown?

Hi Dan

My rig run since 3 month stable, i’ve not have any shutdowns, except rebooting in case of hiveos upgrades. Have you ever tried my settings for the 3080?

I am using very similar now and having better luck. Thank you.

However, I have one 3080 that kills the system with almost anyover clock. I am leaving it lower hashing 87 in exchange for long run time.

Sometimes I travel for 2 or 3 days. Stability is important.

Have you ever changed the thermal pads and added thermal pads to the backplate?
This sounds like thermal throttling of your 3080 and unfortunately hiveos does not show vram temps.
My Hewlett Packard 3080 runs around 101 mh, but I’ve changed and upgraded the thermal pads…

I you tubed a video on changing thermal pads. I will probably do it. Does it last for a long time after complete. Been stable for a week all 3080’s except that one running 97 - 101 with similar setting that you show.

Thanks for the help.

Hola las GPU son con LHR?

Hi, I think “22640” on your GPU9 should be changed :wink:
Also, remove the power limit and try using about fans to keep up about 45-50 core temps. Update HiveOS to see your memory temps and you’ll know why I’m mentioning that. Temps are in Celcius and your mem on 3080 would be about 100C which you want to lower. Use AutoFan core 45 and mem 80 instead of manual settings.
Check my screenshot and see if you can get better on 3060Ti and 3070 using my OC to lower power which will help you lower temps as well.

Hi Denrau
Your 3060Ti is LHR or Full hashrate? So best!

Hi, I don’t have any LHR cars in my rigs.
Here are updated OC settings after a few days removing invalid shares from individual cards (mostly GPU0 and 3070).

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