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Overclock template for mixed algo

If I defined an overclock setting for eth and one for ravencoin (each gpu get their own tweaks), would those settings automatically applies within the same rig for dual mining setup ? For eg gpus mining eth would get the eth oc settings and gpus mining ravencoin would get the ravencoin oc ? Or do I need to create a mixed OC template and pretend it is a single algo mining and apply it (currently doing this) ?

Well actually you can set two templates one for each algo. Then you will have two flightsheets and the flightsheet will select the algo and profile needed

I am running 1 flightsheet which mine 2 different coins at the same time (eth/ravencoin) via 2 different miners. Is there a way to make hiveos apply the eth oc template for the gpus mining eth and rvn oc template for the one mining ravencoin ? The mining is done for both coins at the same time with only one flightsheet.

in the overclocking tab, where the OC templates are there is an option to autoselect the OC based on the algo or coin used . i think this should work.

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