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Overclock settings don't remain set when booting from SSD

I’m getting a weird issue now that I am booting into HiveOS off of my SSD instead of a USB drive. The overclock profile for my rig only remains set for about 10 seconds then it reverts back to default settings. Regardless of what I set in the web GUI, the settings will apply and then promptly reset.

This does not happen when I boot from a USB drive.

My rig is setup to dual-boot windows and HiveOS. I followed this guide to manually copy the two partitions from the USB drive to the SSD. I made a 7GiB ext4 partition for the main hiveos partition, then a 20MiB FAT16 partition for the config data files. It boots into HiveOS with no errors, the only problem is the OC settings do not stay set. Dual-booting works fine after I got grub setup properly. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem at hand, figured I’d give as much information as possible.

If I had a spare M.2 SSD I could install only HiveOS as the only operating system to see if that fixes the issue, however I don’t have any spare SSD’s at the moment.

For now I’m going to continue booting into windows to mine, but I would love to use HiveOS and not boot off of a USB.

Any ideas on what could be causing this issue?

Reflash the ssd with stable image … maybe there is an issue on the first time…

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