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Overclock setting for Rx 480 & Rx 470

Hello, I have a problem where in the previous case I had higher settings for Core, VDD, and memory but still got high Hashrate and low WATT. However, after I made some changes, such as changing the overclock settings with Core, VDD and lower memory, it actually got a low Hashrate, high temperature, and high Wattage. What’s the problem? is there any solution for this?

actually you didnt get higher TEMP because of lowering the OCs but because you slowed down the fans. in the first picture your fan speed is 100%. in the second is 67%. remove the DPM because its no use.
Try with core clock 1150, core voltage 850, memory controller voltage 800 and memory clock 2100. Aggressive undervolting ON .

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wow this works great, thanks for your suggestion. Then do you have any suggestions for settings for the RX 470?

use the same

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did you bios mod the cards yourself or some1 else did it ?

no, i don’t use bios mod the cards. I think some one do it for me that’s why i don’t know what happen. So do you think i must mod my cards ?

i am just asking. i think they are ok.
have you clocked the rx 470 also ?

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yes I have done the same settings as your suggestion. But is it possible to lower the temperature to below 50 degrees with the Overclock setting?

if you increase the Fan speeds , the other option is lowering the core clock and voltage but this will lower the MHs you get. its better to keep them like this and add some fans on the rig to help cool the air between the cards. The other thing that you might do is clean the GPUs, change thermo paste with new one but this should be done by professional.

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Ok I will try your suggestions, so far everything I have implemented like this. thanks

the RX 470 can go also to 1150 core clock i think and 2100 mem. have you tried it ?

i try it

but i think error like this

i see, you get rejected shares.
first thing is to reduce a bit the memory. try 2080 or 2050. if you continue having the rejected shares, go to 2000 again and if that doesnt fix it, its not the memory clock. put it back to 2100 and second thing is increase a bit the core voltage by 10 or 25.

it’s work thank you great man :grin: @rkulov

I own these sapphires for the 3 years now, i have modifed bios with polaris bios editor from the very beginning, and they run for monthes with no rejects and problems (touch wood).

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