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Over 5% difference between reported hash rate and average

My 24 hour miner efficiency is 99.76%. But average 24 hour hash rate is 376mh/s when 24 hour reported hash rate is 396mh/s.

I tended to think that good efficiency means good Oc settings and network condition, which just makes 5% unreasonable. So maybe I was wrong and, what can I do to improve this?

Thx folks

Btw, 8.57% of stale is because I had wrong oc settings the day before yesterday. I have changed it 24 hours ago so I think the 24 hour result should have been good now

Stale shares are due to network connectivity. Do you have high ping?

Ping is good , stale problem has been handled.
Now I switch to trex, hope that will do.

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