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Outcome & Performance

hi guys,

I only just started with my mining rig and wanted to test if can set it up, if it runs stable and if it works.
Setup with Linux was good and the community postings and guideliness of hive was good.

I would like to ask you guys because I am not sure if it really works or if I am missing something.
I have 3 - nvidia gtx 1070 - 8GB cards
right now I started with mining etherum with hiveos pool and just was wondering if the outcome of hashrate and etherum is correct?
Or do i need to overclock the gpu - cards?

Overall I know I will need to get stronger gpu cards, but for testing and getting all set up i was okay with the old cards I had.

Geforce GTX 1070 - 8117 MB - is at 66° - 75%
Geforce GTX 1070 - 8119 MB - is at 67° - 48%
Geforde GTX 1070 - 8119 Mb - is at 67° - 29%
using all arround 400 Watt runing… - Hasrate round 73 ETHASH - MH/s

I would be thankfull for any reply. and please don’t kill me
I’m new to it right now.

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