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Out of Memory kill process total-vm

I have a 9x 5700 GPU setup with asrock H110+ pro BTC on hiveOS v 171

I have two sticks of ram 8gb and 4 gb

32gb USB stick sandisk

Anyone know why it has out of memory error kill process?

See attached picture

still awaiting for any solutions on this one as well…

It turns out it was my hard drive which is USB thumb 32GB, I changed to another USB thumb and the problem went away. Now I’m much more stable, not RAM size issue.

I plan on switching to 120GB SSD. Also running HiveOS v157 beta. Not going to upgrade.

Actually… we are MSata and some on USB… there was a new update 0.6-172@201106 and it has been stable for a day… so far

After I changed to another USB thumb, it has been very stable, no out of memory error. I ordered a M.2 Sata chip and will install that to have better reliability and speed.

Does Zombie mode mean, headless, no monitor attached? I have 1 monitor attached and it still gives this error. I’m on v157 with 120GB M.2 SSD and 8GB ram. I will increase RAM to 16GB and try again.

You are not in Zombie mode, which is for 4GB or lower GPUs. So this fix does not apply. I found a work around. I have the memory leak issue with phoenixminer that causes the “Out of Memory” error and the linux OS will kill the process. So I ran lolminer and no more issues. It has been running for 7 hours, where as before I would get “Out of Memory” error every 30mins to 1 hour.

just keep updating to the latest firmware whenever possible (donot update the Kernel!!) and I’m not sure if upgrading the 8GB ram to 16GB ram will make any difference… the 5700 XT requires 8GB minimum to achieve ~some form of stability even if it’s for a few hours only (4GB simply does not work based on past experiences) … Not sure, but let us know how the 16GB ram update works out for you

I upgraded to 16GB RAM and I still get OOM killer error. The kill process says phoenixminer or lolminer uses 18GB. So hiveOS disk only use 6.8GB SSD size, but I have 120GB. Anyone know how to change the swap size bigger? Or resize the hard drive partition for HiveOS?

My hunch is that with 12+ GPU it needs a lot of RAM but my physical RAM is 16GB and only seen by OS as 14GB and I only have 2.7GB hard drive space remaining in the partition because HiveOS only allocates 6.8GB for it’s partition. So if I can increase the RAM to 32GB or SSD partition bigger to accommodate the total-vm (swap size) that would fix this OOM killer issue

I found out that as the rig hashes for a long time it uses more RAM and maybe eventually it needs more than 16GB. Lolminer and phoenixminer both allocated 33.9GB max of RAM. So I think turning on the swap on hard drive would help.

HiveOS uses only 7GB on my 120GB SSD, so I need to resize the partition to occupy the entire hard drive then create a swap file and turn it on as swap. Maybe this will improve the stability.

8 gb of ram is enough… and 16GB USB stick for the OS…

Same problem, hashrate low, chance miner but not Solve with phoenixminer

I don’t have this problem anymore. The issue is: If your GPU are running good, it will not take up too much RAM. But if there is something wrong with 1 GPU, then it will start accumulating RAM and then OOM killer activates.

I run NBMiner and no OOMkiller. I just think that Phoenixminer is poorly writen (programming wise). I get lower hash rate (slightly) with NBminer 35.0 but I have 100% acceptance rate and no OOM killer issues, one of my rigs is only on 8GB RAM and OOM killer have not activated.

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