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Out of Memory, Dag has been damaged

I been in nightmare all day to pass thru ERRORS OF 8 AMD GPUs.
GPU: DAG size has been damaged. Check overclocking settings.
GPU: Device not responding. Chech overclocking settingS.
Running 8 AMD 570 8gb on 750w and 85+w. 8 GPU not at bios modded 27mh/s 81w
I have tried every solution u can think of.
And the solution; Set POWER LIMITE from 80w/gpu to 70w/gpu,
After the miner start i take it again to 80w/gpu.
My question: WHY this is happen?

Your PSU is small and power limit doesnt work for these cards. To limit power use lower core will burn the PSU. Its 750 watts but the real supply that it can give is 80% of the written. So around 600. You have 8 card 80 multiplied by 80 is 64 and there are another 100 to go for cpu and mobo and others.

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80% well new information. Thx bro :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Thats because the power conversion is not 100% there are losses when converting the electricity from the power grid to the one used in the rig PC. There are better PSUs which have conversion ratings 90% but still dont risk loading them much like ypu do

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I have inserted the power conversion rating in Hive os and my card is showing 95 watts but the total that hiveOS is showing is 120watts. And thats not considering the power that goes for CPU SSD Ram and others. So you see the difference between 95 watts and 120 after comversion. I add another 150 for mobo cpu and others to be safe and consider the total to consume 270 watts. My PSU is 550 so i can add just one or two more RX 570 like my cards. The second one might even overload the PSU and i have one very very old 350 watts and maybe i will put ot to use. It might bring enough to power one gpu.

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You r fucking legendary bro thxxxxxx :* for help

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